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Mike Maloney On Gold And Silver (And Investment Property)


If you are interested at all in preserving or creating wealth… This video is a must see! In order to invest wisely, you have to know the game. And, Mike Maloney and friends give you the landscape and the rules to the game played by the rich in this documentary called, “Why Gold & Silver”. […]

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Arizona Investment Properties: How Much Does Price Matter?


The most common confusion in the world of investing is that of price and value. Almost every time I speak with an investor the first question is, “do you think will prices fall further?” and I admit that price matters. However, an investor in more concerned with value… There is a difference between price and […]

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Get To Know The Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate Market Indicators


The first step to evaluating Arizona investment property is to analyze the key market indicators.  These data points will provide you with valuable information on current trends and the ability to more accurately forecast changes in the housing market. As you will see from the table above, there are many indicators that can play into […]

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The Currency War And Its Effect On Investment Property


The war on your currency has been raging on for years now. You probably did not even know such a thing existed unless you find yourself paying close attention to the currency markets. At its most basic, when a country finds itself in fiscal trouble, the central bank and/or the government of the country in […]

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