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How Would Self-Directing Your Retirement Plan To Include Arizona Investment Property Affect Your Financial Picture?


The majority of people that invest in a retirement plan are clueless about the options available to them.  Most have their 401k or IRA account through their employer or managed by some larger financial institution (supposedly looking out for the investor’s best interests).  The sad fact is that most people do not even know what […]

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How Are Low Homeownership Rates Tied To Arizona Investment Property?


As more and more would-be home buyers choose not to purchase homes, they are going to need a place to live.  It is either move in with mom and dad or find a place to rent.  According to The Census Bureau’s Fourth Quarter 2010 survey of Residential Vacancies and Homeownership, the homeownership rate dropped to […]

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Buy Real Assets…Buy Arizona Investment Property


Save, Save, Save….That is something most of us have heard all throughout our lives.  Does that old saying hold true in today’s economy?  Let’s take a look at why investors should hedge against the devaluing US Dollar and purchase real, physical assets, such as Arizona investment property. As explained in the video below, Robert Kiyosaki, […]

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Market Improving For Cash Flow Arizona Investment Property


With a high level of economic uncertainty, a record number of homeowners going through foreclosure, and tight credit standards, there has been a shift from the home buying mentality to one that favors renting.  Rental prices have jumped over 11% across the US (national average of $1,181 in January 2010 to $1,319 in December 2010).  At […]

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2011 New Year’s Resolution…Become An Effective Real Estate Investor


Were you as effective and successful in 2010, as you wanted to be?  Did you meet all of the resolutions you set last year?  If not, don’t worry!  The good thing about the new year is that you can start with a clean slate.  The question now becomes…what you are you going to do differently […]

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Arizona Investment Property….This Is Your Opportunity!


It is sometimes difficult to see opportunities in the current real estate market, especially with all of the negative headlines out there.  Successful investors see opportunity no matter how bad the market is.  Actually, the vast majority of successful investors have created a large portion of their wealth in times like we are experiencing right […]

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