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Contact Clear Vision Investment Group for further information regarding Arizona investment properties, or to learn more about how cash flow investing can provide investment advantages over speculating.

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Marcia Gomez November 15, 2010 at 6:20 am

Hi Jason,

I am a Canadian looking to take advantage of the market in Phoenix. My objective is in purchasing investment property with a long term goal for appreciation. There are many factors to consider as I am not familiar at all with the vast area of Phoenix.

With all the foreclosures, and so many more to come, I can only assume that their must be certain parts of the valley which are flooded with rentals. In order to determine where to buy, I have to consider many factors: inventory of rentals, how quickly rentals are getting under contract, price of homes, expected price for rental, desired cash flow (taking into account other expenses such as insurance, taxes, maintenance). I seek an area that has a strong rental market with a high demand, but low vacancy and not too much competition from other rentals, and my concerns in finding a reputable property manager, which I will be relying on heavily as it may make my investment experience a positive or negative one.

My search begins here!

Thank you,


Jason Archer November 15, 2010 at 8:18 am

Hi Marcia,

You raise some great points in considering the purchase of a rental property… Obviously you have done your homework.

Yes, you will find that parts of the valley are better than others when it comes to rental property. And, depending on the area you may be able to find variance in price range as well as rent. Could you give me an idea of what your investment budget is and what you consider to be long term?

We pride ourselves on being investor advocates and we have formed strategic relationships in the valley with professionals who meet our strict criteria for quality, profitability, and cash flow. We only promote opportunities if we feel they meet investor objectives and provide opportunity for not only appreciation but strong cash flow as well.

We currently like the north Phoenix area for cash flow and appreciation. This chart will give you an idea of rents by zip code (or postal code in Canadian)

Marcia, I understand that remote property management can be challenging… I personally own real estate in 3 states and spent the summer here in Calgary, AB. My partner Scott and I can recommend competent management. Currently, we work with a gentleman who has been in management for 25 years and has worked some of the toughest markets in the nation like New York City. And, should there ever be an issue with management, we can support you in finding a replacement.

I am confident that we can identify good opportunities for you. Let me know what you budget is and what type of property you prefer via email or phone and we can get you the information necessary for you to sleep easy at night knowing you made an informed decision.



Jason Archer December 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm

Hi Andy,

In response to your inquiry online… What we do in the most basic sense is unite investor with cash flow properties that we have pre-screened for rent rate, quality or quality of remodel, and potential return.

We act as investor advocates, meaning we have your best interest as priority #1. We do not promote deals that we would not personally own. And, we work with our investors to line up trusted remote management as we have relationships with all the necessary people.

We also offer concierge service… So if you as an investor want pictures or video or any specific tasks or follow up done at your property we can provide whatever you need to feel comfortable in your remote ownership.

Since, you are also an agent, we are soon instituting a program to pay foreign agents 25% of the commissions paid on referrals who buy with us.

So, in a nutshell, we make it easy and simple to find, buy, and own property remotely.

This is a current listing of pre-screened deals which meet our criteria:
Of course, this is just a small sampling of properties, but it’s a good place to start in order to get an idea of what is currently rentable with strong cash flows and returns.

Of course, with the 200k budget, you can almost buy 2 rental properties, which would most likely give you a larger return with less risk since you would have that money spread over 2 doors instead of 1… Take a look and let me know if any of these properties are of interest. Then send me an email or call with exactly what your wants or needs are and we will address them.

Best Regards,


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