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Arizona Investment Property

How to protect your hard earned cash with Arizona investment property... Arizona investment property has been in the news...

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Is now the time? It is true... "Arizona Investment Property For Sale" is a phrase we are hearing a great deal about lately...

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Cash Flow Property Advantages

3 Powerful Cash Flow Arizona Investment Property Advantages Exposed... Have you ever sat down with a financial planner and...

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Property Investment Opportunities

3 Simple Ways To Create Success With Property Investment Opportunities... property investment opportunities seem to be...

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The majority of people that invest in a retirement plan are clueless about the options available to them.  Most have their 401k or IRA account through their employer or managed by some larger financial institution (supposedly looking out for the investor’s best interests).  The sad fact is that most people do not even know what their investments are made up of.  They just contribute money to a plan for someone else to manage.  This is a retirement ‘plan’, but just whose ‘plan’ is it?

Up until about 2 years ago, I had the same line of thinking.  Work for a corporation and contribute to a 401k comprised of a diversified portfolio of mutual funds.  It was not until I saw my retirement account get hammered by the economic downturn that I woke up and saw that I needed to take control.  At the end of the day, it needed to be my ‘plan’. After doing some research, I stumbled on a company that specialized in self-directed retirement accounts.  This was a concept that I had not heard before.  A retirement plan that truly allows the investor to direct what they are invested in, such as Arizona investment property.

Arizona investment property can make a great addition to a retirement plan, especially with how many opportunities are present in the current real estate market.  Property prices are significantly discounted and state of the current rental market is driving up returns on cash flow investments.  I recently picked up a condominium, within my retirement account, as a cash flow investment that is returning over 11%.  The best part about it is that now I have full control of my retirement.

This is not a solicitation for self-directed retirement accounts nor am I a licensed financial planner. I am an individual investor who was tired of someone else planning my retirement.  The option of self-directing your retirement plan may not fit into your investment strategy, but at least you now know something you may not have known before reading this post. 

Whether you are purchasing Arizona investment property through your retirement plan or through any other means, it is important to align yourself with a company that truly has your best interests at heart.  Learn more about how Clear Vision Investment Group can be your partner in building a successful portfolio of Arizona investment property.

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If you are interested at all in preserving or creating wealth… This video is a must see! In order to invest wisely, you have to know the game. And, Mike Maloney and friends give you the landscape and the rules to the game played by the rich in this documentary called, “Why Gold & Silver”. Be sure and pay attention to what is said about investment property…

Arizona invesment property may allow you to shield yourself from many of the issues laid out in the movie about. Contact us today. Get your questions answered. Just get moving today!

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Arizona Investment Property: Property Renters And Owners


These days retail home owners and renters have some decisions to make… It seems as thought the current market has the retail buyer somewhat confused. They don’t know whether to rent or buy. They are concerned with property values falling farther. Its a legitimate concern, recent statistics showed home prices falling month over month still! […]

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How Are Low Homeownership Rates Tied To Arizona Investment Property?


As more and more would-be home buyers choose not to purchase homes, they are going to need a place to live.  It is either move in with mom and dad or find a place to rent.  According to The Census Bureau’s Fourth Quarter 2010 survey of Residential Vacancies and Homeownership, the homeownership rate dropped to […]

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Buy Real Assets…Buy Arizona Investment Property


Save, Save, Save….That is something most of us have heard all throughout our lives.  Does that old saying hold true in today’s economy?  Let’s take a look at why investors should hedge against the devaluing US Dollar and purchase real, physical assets, such as Arizona investment property. As explained in the video below, Robert Kiyosaki, […]

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More And More Canadians Looking To Arizona Investment Property


You don’t have to go very far to read about the great opportunities with Arizona investment property.  The significant correction to property values over the past few years has paved the way to amazing deals on real estate.  Also, don’t think that you are the only one out there looking for the best deals on […]

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