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Arizona Investment Property and Chart

Arizona Investment Property

How to protect your hard earned cash with Arizona investment property... Arizona investment property has been in the news...

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Investment Property For Sale!

Is now the time? It is true... "Arizona Investment Property For Sale" is a phrase we are hearing a great deal about lately...

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Arizona Investment Property and Cash Flow

Cash Flow Property Advantages

3 Powerful Cash Flow Arizona Investment Property Advantages Exposed... Have you ever sat down with a financial planner and...

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Arizona Investment Property Opportunities

Property Investment Opportunities

3 Simple Ways To Create Success With Property Investment Opportunities... property investment opportunities seem to be...

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Market Improving For Cash Flow Arizona Investment Property


With a high level of economic uncertainty, a record number of homeowners going through foreclosure, and tight credit standards, there has been a shift from the home buying mentality to one that favors renting.  Rental prices have jumped over 11% across the US (national average of $1,181 in January 2010 to $1,319 in December 2010).  At […]

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Arizona Investment Properties: How Much Does Price Matter?


The most common confusion in the world of investing is that of price and value. Almost every time I speak with an investor the first question is, “do you think will prices fall further?” and I admit that price matters. However, an investor in more concerned with value… There is a difference between price and […]

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2011 New Year’s Resolution…Become An Effective Real Estate Investor


Were you as effective and successful in 2010, as you wanted to be?  Did you meet all of the resolutions you set last year?  If not, don’t worry!  The good thing about the new year is that you can start with a clean slate.  The question now becomes…what you are you going to do differently […]

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Arizona Investment Property….This Is Your Opportunity!


It is sometimes difficult to see opportunities in the current real estate market, especially with all of the negative headlines out there.  Successful investors see opportunity no matter how bad the market is.  Actually, the vast majority of successful investors have created a large portion of their wealth in times like we are experiencing right […]

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Dollar Parity Means Opportunity For Canadians Buying Arizona Investment Property


The Canadian dollar at or near parity with the U.S. dollar can mean good and bad things for Canadians and Canadian companies.  Industries (such as forestry, mining, auto, and a large portion of manufacturing) that focus heavily on exports typically price their products in U.S. dollars, so that they can be exported to other markets.  […]

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Using A Real Estate Option Agreement….Is It Right For Arizona Investment Property Buyers?


What is a real estate option agreement?  A real estate option agreement is a written contract between two parties, the “Optionor” (seller) and the “Optionee” (buyer) in which one party purchases the right to have the first chance of buying a piece of property at a specific price at some point in the future.  The […]

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