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Top Arizona Mortgage Professional Speaks Out…Leverage Works For Arizona Investment Property Buyers!

by Jason Archer

Successful real estate investors are constantly looking for smart ways to increase the size of their portfolio and minimize risk.  Leverage can provide just that.  It can allow you to purchase more properties because you are using less of your own capital and provides diversification by distributing risk amongst several properties.  Leverage is a form of debt, so you must understand the difference between good debt and bad debt.  If you do not understand this concept, then it may have a negative impact on your investment.  When used appropriately, leverage definitely has it’s advantages when it comes to purchasing Arizona investment property, don’t take my word for it!  You can hear this directly from one of Arizona’s top mortgage professionals.  In the video below, Greg Gale, Senior Mortgage Consultant with Nova Home Loans, shares some of the advantages of using leverage and what mortgage products are currently available to the Arizona investment property buyer.

Greg’s Bio:  Greg joined the mortgage industry in 1994.  The Gale Team is a full service loan origination service, committed to providing innovative mortgage solutions and real estate strategies. In his role as team leader, Greg stresses the importance of integrity, a positive attitude, patience, creativity and respect for all things. This team defines communication as one of the single most important elements in a successful loan transaction.  Greg and his team really listen to clients needs, and then seek the best possible solutions, more often than not exceeding their client’s expectations. The team priority is to provide exceptional and memorable service. On a personal note, Greg is absolutely passionate about helping other people. He is a regular contributor to the American Heart Association and Susan G. Komen Foundation. Greg is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers.

Clear Vision Investment Group partners with top experts in the Arizona real estate market providing valuable resources enabling investors to make the most informed decision.  Learn some of the other advantages that leverage offers and the correct way to use leverage when purchasing Arizona investment property.

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