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Do You Know What Is Going On In The Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate Market?

by Jason Archer

The first step to evaluating Arizona investment property is to analyze the key market indicators.  These data points will provide you with valuable information on current trends and the ability to more accurately forecast changes in the housing market.

Arizona investment property buyers understand Phoenix real estate market indicators.

As you will see from the table above, there are many indicators that can play into your decision to purchase Arizona investment property.  For example, active listings in Phoenix are up approximately 25% from a year ago and sales per month are down over 19%.  That ultimately has an impact on the inventory and months supply, which are both up over 30% from this same time last year.  There are more properties currently listed.  This increase in inventory may present great buying opportunities for investors.  Also, properties on average are selling for $76.98 per square foot.  This data can guide you in what you are willing to offer for a particular property.

There are other important aspects of buying property that should be researched in order to make an educated decision.  Learn more about buying Arizona investment property.

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