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Cash Flow Is Now King!

by Jason Archer

Wait a minute….don’t you mean ‘Cash is king’? 

This old phrase has been etched into our minds throughout the ages.  We have been taught that those with the cash make all of the rules.  That is not entirely the case.  Let me explain.  Cash is the foundation of our economy; however the average person only has a limited amount.  They spend what they have and work a job to replenish their bank accounts.  They trade time for money; however there are only so many hours in a day.  With a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time to replace the money they have spent, we can only make the assumption that for the average person there is only a limited amount of cash that can be acquired in a lifetime.  Are YOU ready to settle for being average?  Think about this…..

What happens if you have a vehicle that will fill your bank account on a regular basis, with or without you working?  Interesting, isn’t it…..    

I read a book recently called ‘The Parable of the Pipeline’ (written by Burke Hedges).  In this book it explains the importance of building this same vehicle.  It is a story about two ambitious Italian cousins who dreamt of becoming the richest men in the village.   The opportunity presented itself one day.  They were hired to carry buckets of water from a nearby river and would be paid one penny per bucket.  After many days of lugging buckets from the river, one of the cousins had an idea to spend all of his time building a pipeline from the river into the village.  The other thought that was a silly idea and continued to carry buckets back and forth.  Was it really a silly idea…..?

Although it took time and patience to build the pipeline, he eventually surpassed the bucket carrier in the amount of water being provided to the village.  The pipeline gave the village a continuous supply of water, even when the cousin was not working.  The bucket carrier was still carrying bucket after bucket from the river.  Which cousin would you rather be…..?

You can build your pipeline by utilizing the power of cash flow investing.  With these investments vehicles, you are leveraging money to work for you to create a residual cash payment.  You can lever your money or use someone else’s.  The idea of cash flow investing is to create a residual that will continuously fill your cash account, without you even lifting a finger.  Do the work once and get paid many times over. Of course, Arizona investment property is nicely positioned to provide great returns over the next decade.

It is important to align yourself with individuals who are successful in cash flow investing.  They will be able to provide you with invaluable information based on their own real life experiences.  If you surround yourself with the right people, you have the ability to develop a successful cash flow investment portfolio. 

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