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Dollar Parity Means Opportunity For Canadians Buying Arizona Investment Property

by Jason Archer

The Canadian dollar at or near parity with the U.S. dollar can mean good and bad things for Canadians and Canadian companies.  Industries (such as forestry, mining, auto, and a large portion of manufacturing) that focus heavily on exports typically price their products in U.S. dollars, so that they can be exported to other markets.  With the falling value of the U.S. dollar, these products are now more expensive impacting the demand.  This in turn could hurt the jobs market, since companies would need to scale back production to meet the lower demand.

On a positive note, parity between the two currencies can provide opportunities for Canadians buying Arizona investment property.  With the Canadian dollar having more purchasing power in the U.S. and the dramatic drop in home prices over the past few years, the timing is ideal for creating a portfolio of cash flow real estate.  A recent article published on (a website operated by the Toronto Star newspaper) discussed some of the pros and cons of the Canadian dollar in relation to its value against the U.S. dollar.  Helmut Pastrick, chief economist for Central 1 Credit Union (the umbrella organization for the credit union system in the provinces of BC and Ontario), had this to say about Canadians purchasing real estate in the U.S…….

U.S. real estate looks attractive. For those Canadians who have long thought about buying a vacation home in Florida or Arizona now seems to be a once-in-a lifetime buying opportunity. The loonie is high and real estate prices are bargain-basement following the worst housing collapse in decades. A U.S. vacation home has rarely been cheaper.

But real estate is a long–term investment with added complexity for foreign owners and should not be undertaken lightly. Potential purchasers need to consider taxation, financing, and insurance matters. The purchase of U.S. real estate has to make sense on many fronts and not only on currency considerations.

Not only are there great opportunities to purchase vacation homes, there are also many profitable opportunities with Arizona investment property.  It is important to do your due diligence and align yourself with a company that knows the Arizona real estate market.  Learn how Clear Vision Investment Group can be a valuable resource when choosing to purchase cash flow Arizona investment property.

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