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Canadians: Arizona Investment Property May Be For You!

by Jason Archer

Being in Canada this past summer and now into the fall has been a wonderful experience. The weather has been fabulous and the scenery right outside of Calgary of the Rocky Mountains is truly breath taking!

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with a Canadian real estate investor regarding the market here in Calgary and we did some math.

Basically, we discovered that to purchase any kind of investment real estate here would run 300k or more! As we discussed the potential returns and taxation on the property the deals were looking less and less attractive.

We then got out my laptop and I pulled up at least a hundred investment properties in the Phoenix Arizona area under 100k! The interesting thing with the Arizona investment property is that this particular search turned up a very high percentage of properties that would be wonderful cash flow rentals for this investor.

Given his 300k would buy maybe one property here in Alberta, or at least 3 Arizona investment properties, that could yield anywhere from $900 – $1100 dollars per month in cash flow, the difference in cash on cash return is staggering!

Many of these deals will produce 15% – 18% returns after expenses when structured properly.  Based on what I have seen in terms of the amount of cash flow Canadians are able to purchase per dollars invested, Arizona investment property offers a much better way to go.

You can learn more about Canadians and Arizona investment property here.

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