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Arizona Investment Property Buyers Understand Inflation… Do You?

by Jason Archer

Inflation or deflation… For those who study economics the answer is simple. However, for the rest of us the debate is not so black and white. As I speak to more investors though, I am finding there is a great deal of confusion over the topic.

In the following video, Frank Byrd does an exceptional job of showing us where the inflation is really hiding and what we should watch out for as it creeps into the economy.

Frank Byrd’s presentation “Where Is Inflation Hidden” at New York’s Columbia Business School presents U.S. inflation from an historic perspective and the future prospect of inflation in light of current monetary policies.

Real things can be a safe haven. Gold, silver, oil, and cotton for example are all real things and can be a good store of value, and real property can as well. Take a moment and learn more about Arizona investment property today!

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