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Inflation: Protect Yourself With Arizona Investment Property

by Jason Archer

Arizona investment property continues to look good! All while the talk rages on about inflation, when in reality whether or not inflation exists is not even debatable.

Let me explain…

Gas that was thrown on the inflation fire when a statement by Chicago Fed President, Charles Evans said, “In the last several months I’ve stared at our unemployment forecast and come to the conclusion that it’s just not coming down nearly as quickly as it should. This is a far grimmer forecast than we ought to have”. As result, he said he favors “much more [monetary] accommodation than we’ve put in place.”

He even went further saying that he wants “a declaration that it (the Fed) wants inflation to rise for a time beyond its informal 2% target.”

So Evans is implying that in reality inflation is too low! Unbelieveable… Then, we have him wanting inflation over our “informal 2% target”. He is telling us that the Fed always inflates at 2% per year, but in reality we need much more inflation than that!

Knowing this… why would anyone own bonds? The long bond is currently yielding around 3.5% so in real terms there is almost no return when you factor in the lost purchasing power of inflation! The real kicker is that the Fed conveniently removes food and energy from their calculations… How does one not factor in food and energy? Is that really an optional expense?

Enough of that… The good news is you can protect yourself from this lunacy with Arizona investment property. Property prices tend to rise with inflation and in addition a cash flow Arizona investment property can provide tax advantaged income, allowing you to keep more of what you earn.

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