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Arizona Investment Property and Chart

Arizona Investment Property

How to protect your hard earned cash with Arizona investment property... Arizona investment property has been in the news...

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Arizona Investment Property Search

Investment Property For Sale!

Is now the time? It is true... "Arizona Investment Property For Sale" is a phrase we are hearing a great deal about lately...

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Arizona Investment Property and Cash Flow

Cash Flow Property Advantages

3 Powerful Cash Flow Arizona Investment Property Advantages Exposed... Have you ever sat down with a financial planner and...

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Arizona Investment Property Opportunities

Property Investment Opportunities

3 Simple Ways To Create Success With Property Investment Opportunities... property investment opportunities seem to be...

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Building Assets With Arizona Investment Property


How can you become wealthy?  You need to listen to wealthy people.  Seems simple, doesn’t it.  How come so many people take advice from their broke neighbor?  Let’s stop listening to the broke neighbor and instead listen to those who have created wealth. How are successful investors creating wealth?  They are buying assets, which are […]

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Paying Too Much In Taxes….Arizona Investment Property To The Rescue!


The United States deficit is exceeding $13 trillion and is unfortunately growing at a record pace.  At some point, we are going to be required to pay for this.  With the possibility of a tax hike on the horizon, how are you going to protect your assets?  It is important that you understand how Arizona […]

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Effectively Managing Your Arizona Investment Property Could Provide Higher Returns


There are two very important components of a cash flow Arizona investment property opportunity; purchasing the right property and effective management.  Let’s take a look at the management piece, which some investors may argue is more important than finding the perfect property.  At the end of the day, how the property is managed will directly […]

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Do You Know What Is Going On In The Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate Market?


The first step to evaluating Arizona investment property is to analyze the key market indicators.  These data points will provide you with valuable information on current trends and the ability to more accurately forecast changes in the housing market. As you will see from the table above, there are many indicators that can play into […]

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Shadow Inventory….What Is It And How Does It Impact Arizona Investment Property?


With over 70% of Arizona real estate underwater, unemployment rates approaching double-digits and homeowners defaulting on their mortgages at a record pace, foreclosures are at an all time high and forecasted to continue at possibly a faster rate.  These foreclosures are creating a large shadow inventory for banks.  Shadow inventory can be defined as the […]

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Seller Financing….Another Tool For Arizona Investment Property Buyers


In a housing market where credit is harder to come by, Arizona investment property buyers need to find creative ways to purchase real estate.  Seller financing is tool that can be used, but is it right for your investment strategy?  It is important to analyze each investment to discover what tool makes sense and what […]

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