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Arizona Investment Property

How to protect your hard earned cash with Arizona investment property... Arizona investment property has been in the news...

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Investment Property For Sale!

Is now the time? It is true... "Arizona Investment Property For Sale" is a phrase we are hearing a great deal about lately...

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Arizona Investment Property and Cash Flow

Cash Flow Property Advantages

3 Powerful Cash Flow Arizona Investment Property Advantages Exposed... Have you ever sat down with a financial planner and...

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Arizona Investment Property Opportunities

Property Investment Opportunities

3 Simple Ways To Create Success With Property Investment Opportunities... property investment opportunities seem to be...

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In The Market For A New Vehicle…Why Not Buy An Arizona Investment Property?


I am sure most of us have dropped $20,000 – $30,000 on a new vehicle at some point in our lives.  What would you say if I told you that you could purchase an Arizona investment property for that same price?  It’s true!  The market for condominiums in the Phoenix metro area has taken a […]

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Arizona Invesment Property Shares Unfiltered Conversation


Shares what you ask? Well, I was involved in an interesting conversation with a really smart friend of mine via email the other day. And following facebook’s lead with the whole voyeuristic nature of people, I thought you may want to see real communications that are uncensored, raw and unfiltered. Now the names are changed […]

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Bernanke Caught In A Lie By Jon Stewart


You guessed it my friends… The hard nosed reporter by the name of Jon Stewart finally rooted out the truth on the Federal Reserve’s money printing operations! Ha! This would be funnier if it weren’t so true. In all seriousness though, Arizona investment property can help solidify the future value or really the future purchasing […]

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Canadian Investors Optimistic About Arizona Investment Property!


There is a bunch of negative data out there about the state of the U.S. economy, which is appropriate considering that over the past 3 years we have suffered one of the worse recessions in history.  However, successful people find opportunities in any market.  This market is no different.  There are many opportunities in Arizona […]

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Tough Times Show Promise For Investors Buying Arizona Investment Property


Approximately 3 years have passed since the start of what some people are calling the worse economic environment since the Great Depression and the Arizona economy is looking to get back on its feet.  A recent meeting of economists at the 47th Annual Economic Forecast Luncheon came to the consensus that Arizona’s economic recovery will […]

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Top Arizona Mortgage Professional Speaks Out…Leverage Works For Arizona Investment Property Buyers!


Successful real estate investors are constantly looking for smart ways to increase the size of their portfolio and minimize risk.  Leverage can provide just that.  It can allow you to purchase more properties because you are using less of your own capital and provides diversification by distributing risk amongst several properties.  Leverage is a form […]

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